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I Did Good – Sort Of

So I went to a birthday party yesterday. It was at a neat bar with arcade games and pinball machines. There was free pizza, fried chicken wings, beer, chips, and popcorn. I went light on my carbs so that I could go a bit over for one day, and I only had 2 slices of thin crust pizza, a chicken wing, and a milk stout later in the evening. Not bad, right?

One problem: I haven’t eaten food like this for months. It is all sliding out of me as fast as it can this morning. BRAT diet for me. Yay! Only problem: the BRAT diet is high in carbs. Basically, I am still doing it, but in small portion sizes.

What I have learned: even if you do plan carefully, bad food is still bad food. Next time, when I don’t know what will be served, I will eat before the party and just have a beer. It isn’t worth the misery the next day.



I found out at the end of January 2017 that I am prediabetic. I wanted to share my experiences with other prediabetics out there.

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