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My First Steps

January 24, 2017 I was diagnosed with prediabetes. My A1C was 6.3 – only 0.2 away from being diabetic. I freaked. Diabetes runs in my family, and I always feared I would get it. I knew how dangerous diabetes is. Now I was clinging to the edge a very dangerous precipice – terrified. Fear, though was an amazing motivator.

Since that day, I have been determined to change my ways. I track my food intake. I exercise. I’ve already lost 19 lbs. I’ve come up with some great techniques to keep me on the straight and narrow, and I want to share them with everyone. That is part of the reason I want to do this blog.

Yet, there is a deeper reason why I think I need this blog. I have been down this road before. I have been on and off diets all of my life. This time, I cannot go off the diet. They always say you need to make it a lifestyle change. I need to make this lifestyle one I truly want to live. I am hoping that this blog will keep me honest, and I hope that we, together, can help each other stay strong through the sharing of ideas and support.

Here’s to living a healthy prediabetic life.



I found out at the end of January 2017 that I am prediabetic. I wanted to share my experiences with other prediabetics out there.

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